The Uthuk were once simple nomadic people known as the Loth Khar living in the Ru Darklands. But the Shaman Llovar Rutonu was corrupted by the Ynfaernel, the dark gods of Menarra. Llovar had his tribe drink demon blood, and soon they became the corrupted warriors we know today.

During the First Darkness, the Uthuk were all but wiped off the face of Terrinoth during what was known as the "scourging of the wastes", which occurred after Timorran defeated the Uthuk. He wished to wipe them out for good. But some survived, and now they have returned, hungry for vengeance. The Uthuk can be found to the northwest of the baronies, and Lord Alcaron was the first of the Daqan to fight them since the First Darkness. The Uthuk hunt the wild demons of their lands, and drink their blood in rituals to renew their dark pact.

Berserkers and Blood Harvesters make up the infantry for Uthuk. They have many bone spurs, and super human strength. Viper Legions use poison arrows to wound foes. Blood Sisters and Warlock Chieftains are the main magic wielders, and they use dark magics. Flesh Rippers are wild demons tamed by the Uthuk to fight as cavalry. The Obscenes are Uthuk possessed by demons of gluttony, and they go into battle frenzies and feast upon the blood of their victims.

Grotesque are Uthuk that have severely mutated so that one arm is completed covered by bone spurs and shells. They use this arm to great effect in melee combat, and can also shoot Spurs on bone out from the arm to bombard their enemies. The Chaos Lord is a massive demon that serves as the Uthuk's heaviest, strongest ground unit. The Doombringer is an insect-like demon that burrows underground, surprising its enemies.[1]

Uthuk Y'llan units available in Runewars Miniatures Game:


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