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Card Info Edit

{Melee Attack} {Surge}x2: Receive 1 inspiration token.

Ranged Melee Defense Wound Type
- Red, Blue 1 1 Infantry

Available From Edit

Lore Edit

Renowned as disciplined yet passionate soldiers, the spearmen of Terrinoth make up the front lines of the armies of nearly every barony and Free City. When war comes, the rank-and-file of Daqan form a mighty bulwark to protect their homes. The rows of infantry clad in the Citadel's own colors - majestic blue and gold - march as a symbol of safety and security to those who make their home in the Land of Steel.

There are many companies of spearmen in Terrinoth, each with their own storied histories and allegiances. The forces of Rhynn wear green and black to symbolize the mighty Greatwood and the fearsom black bears that dwell within it. Kell's defenders, standing vigilant over the Ru from their fortress atop Harnfar Isle, are clad in purple, gold and silver. The owl is their symbol, for Kell's soldiers shall be the watchful eyes unblinking in the darkness. Baron Zachareth's warriors wear the orange, silver, and black of Carthridge. An upraised talon is blazoned upon their shield, a symbol of strength and cunning.

In the south, the fiery red eagle adorning the shields of the guardians of Vynelvale evokes the eternal flame that has burned within the Great Cathedral of Kellos since the days of the Second Darkness. In the far north, the Frostguard of Frostgate are recognizable by their white lion sigil on an ice-blue field. Between both cities, many more famed units of spear infantry defend the realm.