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Card Info Edit

{Skill} Each enemy unit engaged with you receives {Stable Energy} stun tokens.

Brutal {Stable Energy}

Ranged Melee Defense Wound Type
- 2*Red 4 2 Siege

Available From Edit

Lore Edit

Deep within ancient fortresses and hidden monuments throughout Terrinoth, massive stone guardians stand silent sentry. Using ancient magics powered by precious runebound shards, lords and wizards who possess the secrets can imbue the stone warriors with life when the need is dire. Upon awaking, the rune golems glow with an inner light, the sign of the rune-magic's animating power. The energy's hue reflects the properties of the shard used to awaken the golem. Elemental runes may also impart some of their nature to the golem's temperament: aggression for fire, stoicism for ice, or cleverness for lightning.

Once fully empowered, these rocky titans are nearly unmatched in their ferocity and raw strength, scything their massive blades through infantry and cavalry with ease. Full battlefield formations of rune golems are incredibly rare, but they are devastating in the extreme. These rune golems will stop at nothing to destroy the enemies that threaten the Daqan, and then return to their hidden slumber until called upon again.