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Card Info Edit

{Melee Attack} {Ranged Attack} {Surge}+: Each enemy at range 1-{Unstable Energy} of the defender suffers 1 damage per {Surge} spent.

Lethal {Nature Energy} (While attacking, add {Nature Energy} to the damage pool.)

Protected {Stable Energy} (While defending, subtract {Stable Energy} from the damage pool.)

Lore Edit

How can the last known heir to the Ynfetaar and a halfblood daughter of the Twice-Fallen Elves sit beside the King Aeoneth of the Latari in the white halls of Caelcira? She is believed to be a ruthless schemer at best, or an agent of the Ynfernael at worst.

Every word to escape her lips, every step she takes within her former prison, is weighed closely by the noble houses of Lithelin. Although the high court of the Latari is known for it's subtle intrigues and deadly plots, few know the same danger that Maegan Cyndewin faces while treading the line between blasphemy and redemption.

Available From Edit

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