Rwm14 cardfan unit leonx-riders

Rwm14 commandtool leonx-riders

Card Info Edit

{Melee Attack} {Surge} {Surge}: Add {Hit}.

{Unique Surge} {Unique Surge}: Add {Mortal Strike}.

Impact 1 (When you collide with an enemy during a charge, that enemy receives 1 panic tokens.)

Lore Edit

None exemplify the primal, wile nature of the Verdelam more than the Leonx Riders. Charging into battle atop their ferocious Leonx, large felines native to the Aymhelin, these Elven warriors pierce through enemy lines with the force of a storm, only to use their lightning speed to evade counter-blows and change their angle of attack with the swiftness of a gale. Each half of the pair trusts each other with its life, and the bond a Leonx shares with its rider is akin to family. In battle, these wild riders coordinate their movements as one, fusing Elven skill with the predatory instincts of one of the most fearsome beasts in the world.

Available From Edit

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