A compilation of all Waiqar the Undying upgrades.

Waiqar the Undying Upgrades By Type
Artifact Obcasium's Gauntlet · The Duskblade
Champion Ankaur Maro (Cavalry Upgrade) · Ankaur Maro (Infantry Upgrade) · Ardus Ix'Erebus (Infantry Upgrade) · Captivating Hexer · Deathcaller · Executioner · Fallen Hero · Mistlands Saboteur · Necromancer
Equipment -
Heavy Front Line Carrion Lancer · Support Carrion Lancer
Heraldry Blighted Vexillum Bearer · Profane Banner Bearer · Raven-Standard Bearer
Music Aggressive Drummer · Marching Drummer · Tactical Drummer
Training Combat Ingenuity · Lingering Dead
Unique Ancient Technique · Ardus' Fury · Regenerative Magic · Undying Hate · Violent Forces

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