A compilation of all Daqan Lords upgrades.

Daqan Lords Upgrades By Type
Artifact The Dawnblade
Champion Artifact Bearer · Citadel Weapons Master · Forged In Battle · Greyhaven Channeler · Kari Wraithstalker (Infantry Upgrade) · Lance Corporal · Lord Hawthorne (Cavalry Upgrade) · Lord Hawthorne (Infantry Upgrade) · Nerekhall Hexer · Seasoned Pathfinder · Uncontrolled Geomancer
Equipment Visored Helms
Heavy Front Line Rune Golem · Support Rune Golem
Heraldry Eagle-Banner Bearer · Lion-Standard Bearer · Raven-Pennon Bearer
Music Aggressive Cornicen · Marching Cornicen · Rallying Cornicen
Training Know Your Enemy · Piercing Strike
Unique Latari Training · Might of Daqan · Sweeping Strikes · Wraith Step

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