Champion upgrades represent leaders, heroes, exceptional warriors, and magic-users that alter the battle in unique and interesting ways.

Champion Upgrades By Faction
Daqan Lords Artifact Bearer · Citadel Weapons Master · Forged In Battle · Greyhaven Channeler · Kari Wraithstalker (Infantry Upgrade) · Lance Corporal · Lord Hawthorne (Cavalry Upgrade) · Lord Hawthorne (Infantry Upgrade) · Nerekhall Hexer · Seasoned Pathfinder · Uncontrolled Geomancer
Waiqar the Undying Ankaur Maro (Cavalry Upgrade) · Ankaur Maro (Infantry Upgrade) · Ardus Ix'Erebus (Infantry Upgrade) · Captivating Hexer · Deathcaller · Executioner · Fallen Hero Mistlands Saboteur · Necromancer
Latari Elves Avenger of Latariana · Latari Champion · Storm Sorceress · Verdant Sorceress
Uthuk Y'llan Bloodfire Witch · Grotesque Slasher · Psychosis Siren
Neutral Dispatch Runner · File Leader · War Crier

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