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Rwm14 commandtool scion

Card Info Edit

{Melee Attack}{Ranged Attack} {Surge}x2: The defender receives 1 stun token.

When you collide with an enemy or an enemy collides with you, that enemy receives 1 immobilize token.

Ranged Melee Defense Wound Type
Red, Blue Red, 2*Blue 2-3 3 Siege

Available From Edit

Lore Edit

When the children of Latariana sound the horn for battle, the very forest answers their call. Roots erupt from the earth in a peal of thunder while limbs crack and sway as if in a gale. Moss, leaves, and flowers shift and fall and bloom again with the movements of living trees. What once appeared an old knot suddenly glows with living green light as the will of the forest awakens. These are the living kin of the Aymhelin, and it is their power that the Latari Elves look to in their darkest hour.

The Loremasters sing of the first sentient trees of the Aymhelin awakening shortly after the arrival of the Elves, roused from the slumber of newborns by the most ancient songs of the Latari. The voices of the Elves stirred some unknown joy in the mysterious hearts of the forest, giving movement to the roots and boughs and trunks of the woods. The Elves became enamored of these Finwalyn, or forest children, whose beauty instilled in the Latari hope that not all was lost after their fall.