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Card Info Edit

{Melee Attack} This attack is treated as having the {Surge} abilities (both {Melee Attack} and {Ranged Attack}) of allies at range 1-3. 

Brutal 1 (While attacking, your threat is increased by 1.) 

Steadfast [Doubt, Fear] (When you suffer a morale test, Doubt and Fear cards are treated as having 1 additional morale icon.)

Lore Edit

When the Sundermen accompanied Timmorran Lokander back to Terrinoth to confront Llovar Rutonu, they were led by the greatest warriors Al-Kalim could boast. Their commander, Waiqar Sumarion, gathered about himself a small cabal of captains who formed a company of brave comapnions. Ardus Ix'Erebus was one of that elite band.

Ardus Ix'Erebus was a cold, methodical commander. His victories were many, but often more costly than some might have hoped. Throughout that terrible war, Ix'Erebus was often tasked with the most difficult objectives. In the climactic battle for Thelgrim Pass, his legion relieved the Dwarven city, shattering the besieging Uthuk Y'llan forces from behind their lines.

When Waiqar led his forces onto the Charg'r Wastes in search of Llovar's citadel, Ardus Ix'Erebus was forced to remain behind, recovering from grievous wounds. Thus he was not at his lord's side when the Sunderland armies were destroyed in the distant wastelands.

Ardus fought among Timmorran's forces that finally captured Llovar's citadel and freed Waiqar. He announced that he would never leave his lord's side again. Ix'Erebus's harsh, unyielding command style blended seamlessly with Waiqar's newfound, anger-fueled penchant for destruction.

When Waiqar's oath before Meringyr shattered his host, remaking them into the Deathborn Legion, Ardus Ix'Erebus was beside him. Since that day, he has been one of the Mistland's most renowned generals.

Available From Edit

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