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Card InfoEdit

{Melee Attack} Add {Mortal Strike}.

{Unique Surge}: Add {Hit}.

Impact 2 (When you collide with an enemy during a charge, that enemy receives 2 panic tokens.)

Precise 1 (When rerolling dice during an attack, you are treated as having 1 additional full rank of trays.)

Lore Edit

Aliana of Summersong is a champion of the Leonx Riders. She bears a shimmering moonstone blade to battle atop her massive Leonx mount, Wildcall.

Elves are generally aloof and wary of other races, but Aliana will fight alongside any who face the forces of evil. At the Battle of Summersong, many elf and human lives were lost as they banded together. That day weighs heavy on Aliana, and other elves question her loyalty for sacrificing so much to save humans. However, she sees only those who need help, and those who need to be destroyed.

She fights with the ferocity of her Great Leonx, and together they will defend any who can't defend themselves. As a renowned packleader, with the tactical knowledge only available to those with such long lives, she is an exemplary commander. She really shines by leading from the front, easily a match for any of Terrinoth's best champions in single combat.

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